List of prxjdg.cgi - ProxyJudge, updated weekly

Last update: 2010-12-12
Download the ProxyJudge source code: ProxyJudge 2.35 Source Code, ProxyJudge 2.34 Source Code
Search for new ones with Google: "inurl:prxjdg.cgi", "intitle:ProxyJudge V2."
Website of author: unknown

Also check out my List of jenv.cgi scripts and the List of AZ Environment variables!

ProxyJudges are environment-checkers that rate your Proxy. Use them in AATools (Advanced Administrative Tools), Proxy Checker, Proxyrama, AccessDiver and so on to check those free proxy lists on the Internet. If you find dead ones in this list, please drop me a line at Please also write me working ProxyJudges that are not on this list. If you have a webspace provider which provides web hosting with CGI, you can download the script and put it on your webspace. Free webspace mostly doesn't work, but a cheap plan is great.